How to Have a Breathtaking Home as a Pet Owner



Photo via Pixabay by Fran
How to Have a Breathtaking Home as a Pet Owner
By Cindy Aldridge

Owning a pet can be one of the most joyous occasions in your life; dogs, especially, are loyal and sweet companions who can bring comfort and even help reduce stress and the physical symptoms of depression or anxiety. However, many people wonder if they can have a beautiful home and a pet at the same time. Animals -- no matter how well-trained or intentioned -- can sometimes be messy around the house, or they can act out if they feel they aren’t getting enough attention, causing damage to your home or belongings.
Fortunately, owning a pet and having a gorgeous house don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There are several things you can do to keep your pet happy and clean throughout the seasons, and several ways you can keep your home looking nice at the same time. From dog-proofing the kitchen to closing off rooms you don’t want him to have access to, you can ensure that your beloved animal has everything he needs while still being conscientious about your home.
Keep reading for some great tips on how to get started.
Dog-Proof Your House
Dog-proofing your home will not only keep your belongings looking nice, it will keep your pet safe. Many homeowners aren’t even aware of the dangers their home offers to pets, from toxic plants to exposed wires that can look like chew toys to a rambunctious pup. Keep dirty laundry in a hamper with a lid to prevent your pet from dragging it out and chewing/choking on small items, invest in a trash can with a lid, and use baby gates to keep him from going into certain rooms or up and down stairs. For more great tips on keeping your dog safe at home, read on here.
No matter how clean you keep your pet, it’s still possible for him to shed hair and dander on your floors and furniture. Using steam to clean these areas, as well as drapery and any other fabric in the main areas of your home, will keep hair and odors from settling in and will help prevent allergy issues for your family members. You can also keep an older towel or blanket on your pet’s favorite section of the couch. If you prefer not to have pets on your furniture at all, it’s best to start this type of training early.
Think Ahead
If your dog tends to get dirty when he goes into the backyard, keep a special mat for him to wipe his feet on before he comes in, or leave towels or pet wipes by the door so you can easily clean him off. You can also eliminate muddy areas by adding sod in the backyard, especially during spring and summer, when storms are common and heavy rains create messy conditions outside.
Choose the Right Paint
The right paint will hide stains and marks from your dog’s tail or nose and will be easy to wipe down, so talk to a pro at the local home and garden store to pick the right shade and texture for your walls. Darker colors are generally better for camouflage, but these can also make a room look smaller, so it’s a good idea to look at all your options before making a decision.
Owning a pet can be extremely fulfilling for the entire family and can help those who are living with depression, PTSD, or loneliness feel healthier and happier. There’s no reason you can’t also have a beautiful home; with a good plan, you and your pet can live together for years to come.